Monday, January 5, 2015

What does 'scientifically not proven to work' mean?

What does 'scientifically not proven to work' mean?
By Isaac Lim
Have you noticed the much overused term " Scientifically not proven to work"? This is the club that western based allopathic doctors loved to wield to bash complementary medicine and therapies. Do not be hoodwinked by the "scientific" sounding term that denounces all that is not in line with their 'only and one way to heal ' as pure science.
The term " scientifically not proven to work" does not mean:
1) That it is 'unscientific' rather it simply means the existing science used by them cannot detect or understand the methology and physics of energy science that complementary medicine uses to heal.
2) That it 'does not work', rather there are countless evidence and documentation of healing from clients that provides undeniable proof of healing. But because they could not understand how the healing came about they say " scientifically not proven to work".
3) That 'we should not use' complementary medicine to heal. This is because many western allopathic tools and practices are also "scientifically not proven to work"! Yet they still use it. An example is the use of 'defibrillators' to apply electroshock to the heart when a patient's heart suffers from cardiac arrest and stops beating. They cannot explain how it works or the science behind it, yet they still use it to save lives.
Complementary therapist and healers knows how it works. We have an electromagnetic anatomy that when disrupted cause dis-ease and disease. Correcting the flow of these electromagnetic circuits will bring about healing. That is all we need to understand to help people and just because people do not understand how it works does not mean it cannot be used or that it will not work.

Isaac Lim
Energy Psychology Centre

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The End?


I attended a funeral yesterday. I was feeling miserable that I was not there to help her as she was in pain for three days before her death. My cousin was only 40 years old but have bravely and positively fought cancer for 6 years without accepting any western treatment (her own choice believing God will help her). During those years she never allowed her illness to dampen her exuberance for life. In her eulogy she was described as a person who wants to be remembered for her smile and love of life. I felt down because like a certain arachnid superhero his words rings true 'with power comes responsibility' and I felt I could at least help lessen her pain with qigong or EFT.
During the beautiful service her sister produced a letter written by the deceased. In it she introduced herself as one who had lived life to the fullest, visited all the countries she wanted to and she mentioned - that she knows her mother loves her. Few understood the significance of those words but my heart leap for joy as I knew then that I had indeed been able to help her find closure. You see in February I extended my help as a psychotherapist to her without charge. I though she would have issues about her cancer and death but instead her big issue was that she felt her parents had never loved her! That unresolved issue was bigger than cancer. I helped her see the possibilities that her parents like many Asian parents have difficulty expressing their love even to their own children but deep down in their hearts they have a special place for them. She mentioned how she hardly got to see her working parents. She comes home from school to an empty house, so instead she goes out with friends until late in the night. But you know what, her parents never question her where or who she had been with. Some teens may love that libertine attitude but she interpreted their lack of concern as 'they did not care or loved me'. My therapy approach was to help her feel that her parents loved her even if they are unable to express it. I led her to forgiveness if she felt they had failed as parents. Parenthood is never taught in schools. We learn on the job unfortunately sometimes with poor role models from our own parents or no parents.
At this point I would like to ask you, 'What would you do if tomorrow is the end of the world?'(nothing to do with the Mayan prophecy). Some would like to party for the last time. Others to find a companion, wife or someone to die with yet others would say something else. As for me I want to call up everyone whom I loved and tell them 'I love you' even if I had never told them so before. Perhaps we do not even need to wait for the end of the world. Perhaps we can do it now. Start with ourselves. Say 'I love myself'. If we have difficulty with that it is no wonder we are unable to express love verbally to others! It is time to ask yourself why and to resolve it with EFT.

Now back to the brightly lit funeral parlour. As I sat next to my younger brother I notice he was flexing his right arm and fingers. I noticed it was swollen and reddish. I asked why and he said it is very painful. Being in a crowded room and with a service proceeding I did not use my healing hands instead I used my 'yi' or intention and guided the energy in his body. I discharge the blocked energy in his arms and stabilize it. After 3 minutes of mind over matter work I asked him how is his arm now? He flexed his arm and open and closed his hands. He replied 'I can close my hand now'. I noticed it was not as swollen or inflamed  I did another 2 minutes of intentional healing and energized the arm so it will continue to heal for a few days.

I am a certified medical qigong practitioner. I took it up so I can understand what is this meridians we are tapping into with EFT. After understanding the principle of energy work experientially I discovered that you can manipulate it according to your needs. Energy healing is amazing and perhaps this is why people are sceptical. When you apply western psychology with energy work the results is a more efficient healing process that looks at emotions as energy and neutralize unprocessed negative emotions. This is what Energy Psychology is about. There are some new EFT off shot that had abandon the energy part and all I can say is it only diminishes the power of EFT. In the next Tapper's Gathering I would like to talk about energy healing and the electromagnetic nature of man and the latest scientific discoveries.
I would like to thank all my graduates and fellow EFT practitioners for all the support that had been given to make Energy Psychology Chapter successful. We certainly need your continued support in 2013.

With Happiness & A Happy New Year *******
Isaac Lim
Energy Psychology Centre

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Is Your Headache Caused By Painkillers?

For more headache. Take painkillers!


Yes, more than one million people in Britain may be suffering from constant, crippling headaches because they are taking too many painkillers! The pills people take to relieve headaches and migraines may be making things much worse, according to the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (Nice).
The problem begins with taking the odd painkiller for tension headaches or migraines, which usually works. But some people take the pills more and more often, until they are on tablets for more than half the days in a month. Nice says that if this goes on for more than three months the medication ends up causing the problem it is intended to cure.   
"Patients with frequent tension-type headaches or migraines can get themselves into a vicious cycle, where their headaches are getting increasingly worse, so they take more medication which makes their pain even worse," said Martin Underwood, a GP and professor of primary care research at Warwick medical school.
At risk are those who are taking paracetamol, aspirin and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) such as ibuprofen, for their headaches, either alone or in combination, for 15 days a month or more.The risk is also carried by migraine sufferers taking triptans, opioids, ergots or combination analgesic medications for just 10 days a month or more.(The Guardian, Wednesday 19 September 2012Sarah Boseley, health editor)

All this pill popping culture that makes us consume pills like its peanuts are only causing us more pain. 
We think that there is a pill for every ill but little do we realise that there is an ill for every pill. What else can we do when we are frequently visited by crippling headaches and migraines? Popping pills is so easy. Hold on. What if there is an alternative that will remove headaches and even migraine within 15minutes? What if it will cost you nothing? What if you can use it any time and anywhere without worrying about where the nearest drug store is? Is there such a pill? No it's not a pill, its a technique that is so easy to use that you will ask 'Why was I not inform earlier!'

I was visiting my mother's house one day and a relative was resting in her bed. My mother whispered to me ,'She's unwell with a bad migraine.' I told my relative that I can help her with a new relaxation technique.. It seems she had been on triptan for the past three days and all it does was dull her pain but it is still there and comes back after her painkiller stop working. I proceeded to use this technique that taps into the acupoints and in 10 minutes the migraine was gone! She was in disbelieve and said maybe it's the painkiller I took in the morning. I reminded her that she was on it for three days and it did not help much. It is alright if they react in disbelieve after all nothing in their mind says simple tapping can remove huge migraine in 10 minutes. It also proves it will work even if you do not believe it.

This tapping procedure is call EFT or Emotional Freedom Techniques. It is the safest painkiller you can find in the world. Most headaches and migraine are stress related and using this technique seems to cut off the stress hormones and pain receptors. We do not know how it actually works but neither did we know how painkillers works before we gulp it down. The important point is - does it work and is it safe. Both answers are a big 'Yes'.

Mary was an elderly lady in her 70's. She had chronic backache and was in constant pain. She was popping painkillers by the handfuls until her doctor told her that she cannot continue to do this as it will cause more health issues like ulcers. She called me and enrolled in my EFT workshop after reading in my website that it is a  pain management technique without drugs. She had an unusual request. She wanted an easy chair to lie on as her backache will not allow her to sit up for long.
One month after the workshop she came to thank us beaming from cheek to cheek. She was alive and so different from the first time I met her. She said she has halved her painkillers and now leads a more active life. She is enthusiastically telling everyone about EFT. 

EFT is not a miracle technique even though the results can occasionally seems like it. If there is any miracle it is that ordinary people can now be empowered to have more control over their health and lives. EFT does more than manage physical pain but also emotional pain. It brings stress under control in minutes and years of emotional pain and trauma just melts away. EFT erases mental and emotional blocks to achieving your ambition and dreams. Perhaps it is time to take control of your life and learn how. 

EFT Level 1 workshop will be conducted on the 20th October and EFT Level 2 on 3rd and 4th November 2012. Visit the link and register for the early bird special. Gifts valued at more than rm.500 are waiting for you. 

Monday, July 25, 2011

Horror Stories- Bald spots, Grey Hairs, Acne and Ugly Nails.

Horror Stories- Bald spots, Grey Hairs, Acne and Ugly Nails.

Bald Spots
Maureen was 32 year old sales executive. Her job meant long hours and meeting clients all over the world. She not only had to be meticulous in her job but also in her appearance. One morning while grooming herself in front of  a hotel room mirror she was horrified to notice that she had a bald spot on top of her head. It was not just less hair but an ugly bald spot where no hair grew. 
She immediately made an appointment with a dermatologist. In the questionnaires to be filled there were questions about her stress levels. Dermatologists know that stress can cause hair to fall out. Many people think it is age related or some kind of skin infections and will visit a doctor for medication. Others will try different on-the-shelves hair tonic, restorer and other claims of hair growth ointment or shampoo. But few think it is stress related and go to the wrong practitioners. Stress increases cortisol production which increase oil secretions in the skin Men and women can develop alopecia -- bald spots of hair in the beard or scalp -- when they're under stress.
Nervous habits like twirling your hair can also pull hairs out, causing bald spots resulting in bald spots. If stress is the cause perhaps victims should consider visiting psychotherapist to help them reduce their stress levels or learn self help techniques like EFT- Emotional Freedom Techniques to reduce and remove their stress levels.

Grey Hairs
If you have premature grey hair you will receive comments like 'You worry too much!'  Now it is proven to be true as stress can cause this too. Bald spots can also grow back with grey hairs. "And then when the hair grows back, sometimes it grows in as gray hairs," Dr. Mayoral says. So it's true that stress does cause gray hairs! 

Notice how your on your big day when you should be looking your best you instead have an acne outbreak. This is a nightmare for a bride. Stress induce oil production and that is a recipe for acne.

Deform Nails 
Notice how children tend to deal with nervous nail biting. Adults however play with their nails, "When they're not thinking about it, they are picking at their nail and they actually damage the growth plate of the nail and the nail grows in with a ridge in the middle of it," Dr. Mayoral says.

Stress induce cortisol production which affects how we look. Beauty in this case is really skin deep. Stress is actually an acceptable word for this acronym I have been using in my talks. Stress and Trauma Results in Emotional Stuck States. EFT helps to remove these stuck states very quickly. If you want to look beautiful or handsome learn to control your stress levels.

With Happiness
Isaac Lim

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Stuttering Cured in 45 Minutes and other Speech Defects.

Have you read or seen the movie 'The King's Speech' a true story? What would the future king do if he is unable to address his subjects in public. when he stutters with difficulty with embarrassingly long pauses just to get the words out. How does he lead a nation when they cannot understand him?

King George turns to a diverse number of 'therapist' that forced him to fill his mouth with cold marbles while attempting to read and even tried  smoking to calm his throat. If he had not given up he might have choked to death or even die of lung cancer. In the end he found a therapist who was able to help him with daily sessions involving reading, jaw and vocal cord exercises, rolling on floor and what not. It was tedious and real hard work that was time consuming and require sheer dedication. One can say that the king was willing to sacrifice for the sake of the nation. The good news was he did recover eventually after all that.

EFT or Emotional Freedom Techniques can achieve the same result in 45 minutes! One of my Level 1 graduates had the opportunity to treat a person with stuttering issue. Read his email testimony:

'I would said that the whole treatment was quite fast. From interviewing to end about 45 mins. total. What I did was find out what was the cause of the stuttering. Fortunately, he was able to tell me that since young when he was able to speak, his mother used to slap him whenever he talks. I then go through the BR with him and get him to do it with sincerity. He is a qigong practitioner as well and have confidence in me as I have been teaching him a couple of qigong form. We meet up a week later at our regular qigong session and the stuttering is down to almost zero, so much so that you would not know he is a stutterer. I like EFT for its simplicity and quick result, so there is not much to write. Maybe you could ask me some questions that I might have miss out. No, I have not seen the King's Speech yet. I did not know it is about the Kings' stuttering.'

Not only is EFT able to help speech defects like stuttering but also dyslexia. I have also treated some with a common speech issue 'fear of public speaking' very effectively with just 1-3 sessions depending on how many related aspects are involved.

With happiness
Isaac Lim
Energy Psychology Centre

Friday, January 21, 2011

Mental Health Test for our children? My Letter to the Star Editor

Kudos on mental health test, but...
Mental Health Test for our children? My Letter to the Star Editor
I would like to give the thumbs up to the health and education ministry initiative to launch the pilot project in four secondary schools to address mental health issues. But I would like to question the use of terms like 'mental health test' as it is noted to be a sensitive issue. I fear that such terms would be largely misunderstood by the general population especially students, parents and even teachers. I can imagine students who fail the 'mental health test' would be mock by fellow student as 'mental' as the term is used loosely in normal English language to denote in derogatory terms of people with abnormal behaviour. Parents will not want their children to be labelled with such a stigma and teachers may need to be taught how to help rather than isolate such 'emotionally challenged people'. Yes, that would be a more appropriate term to apply. Instead of 'mental health test' why not 'emotional health test' after all there is a blurred distinction that diagnose one as suffering from acute emotional stress and another from mental diseases. We will be able to win over the general public to this pilot project if we promote and 'reframe' it in a less threatening way. I have no doubt 'mental health evaluation' is medically correct term but is it socially and politically correct? Even the DSM used to diagnose mental disorder takes pain to be correct, "A common misconception is that a classification of mental disorders classifies people, when actually what are being classified are disorders that people have. For this reason, the text of DSM-IV (as did the text of DSM-III-R) avoids the use of such expressions as "a schizophrenic" or "an alcoholic" and instead uses the more accurate, but admittedly more cumbersome, "an individual with Schizophrenia" or "an individual with Alcohol Dependence." 
Another misconception to correct is that the actual issue is not the environment but the inability of the general population to deal with negative emotions. As Dr Abdul Kadir said 'the project was a move in the right direction because puberty period could be challenging for secondary school students who might face emotional issuesrelated to studies, peer and parental pressures and unsafe neighbourhoods. '  All of us face these stressful environmental but not all of us suffer from emotionally disorder as a consequence of these. This is because many are not able to deal with and process negative emotions properly. Aside from arguments of predisposition and genetics let us consider emotional management. There is a need to teach students how to deal with their emotions. It is strange that we all process hundreds of emotions daily yet there is no course or subject that helps us do what is a daily necessity. Does it come naturally to everyone? Statistic show otherwise, Malaysian Psychiatric Association article on anxiety reports, "Anxiety disorder is very common. A rough estimate is that all the anxiety disorders together may affect up to 25% to 30% of the population".  If we can process our emotions properly it would not deteriorate to acute emotional stress and later to disorders like anxiety disorders, panic attacks, depression and even mental illness. In other words why don't we teach our kids to deal with their emotions at an early age? The results can be emotionally balance children who graduate to become emotionally balanced adults. If we have moral education why not have 'emotional intelligence' as part of it. Today we have cognitive therapy, cognitive behaviour therapy and other sub-modalities in the psychotherapy world like NLP and EFT amongst others that can be integrated and simplified for secondary students. I am sure we will be churning out modal students of great humanistic potentials with this subject of 'emotional intelligence'!
Isaac Lim
Member of Malaysian Psychotherapy Association

Thursday, January 6, 2011


Happy? New Year 2011. When someone enthusiastically greets you  with this annually recycled greeting do you know what it really means? Did he mean 'happy' because we are having yet another excuse to party till morning? Does he mean prophetically you are going to have a 'happy' 2011? Does he mean 2010 for the world was such a horrible year and a new year will be like 'good riddance' to 2010?  Isn't it strange how we greet each other without really understanding what it means. Let's greet each other meaningfully. Here is my greeting to you.

May 2011 be a special year to you all,
Let it be a year of blessings,
Fill with happiness and joy in everything you experience,
Allow life to be our teacher and learn from lives experience,
Tapping away the bad and making it all good,
Let us feel healthy and thank every part of our body that is good,
Tap away the pain and make it better,
Feel beautiful about yourelf because you are,

For me it was good and stable in health, wealth and everything else. We had so much to thank for and so much to learn from our mistakes. It's been a year of living life to the best and accepting things as they come or not come. EFT has been the life tool in getting through the worst and getting the most from life's challenges. I would like to be able to face 2011 with new vigor and vision and would like all my EFT graduates, clients, friends to tap with me on this fomula for achieving it and making 2011 awesome!